Former Members of Blood Sweat & Tears Over The Decades Reads like a Who’s Who of the music industry.

We urge you look them up and see what they have done.

Bobby Colomby
Steve Katz
Al Kooper
Randy Brecker
Fred Lipsius
Jim Fielder
Dick Halligan
Jerry Weiss

David Clayton Thomas
Lew Soloff
Chuck Winfield
Dave Bargeron
Joe Henderson
Lou Marini Jr
Larry Willis
Georg Wadenius
Jerry Fisher
Tom Malone
Jaco Pastorius ( his album Jaco produced by Bobby Colomby)
Don Alias
Neil Stubenhaus
Bruce Cassidy
Tim Ries
Carl Fisher
Joel Rosenblatte
Dylan Elise
Glenn McClelland
Bo Bice
Steve Jenkowski
Ken Geoffre
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